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Metal production

metal ceilings
metal doors and doorframes
building cases

Construction activity

turnkey installation


Metal production​

All products belong to this division
made of aluminum, copper, laminated or galvanized steel sheet.
The main division of metal production in terms of production:

Metal ceilings
systems and linings

plasterboard constructions

Construction activity, 

​The cornerstone of our work are commercial buildings - hotels, banks, office buildings and civic amenities - hospitals, schools, sports halls, apartment and family houses.
Stavební činnost, montáže

Trade  - specialized building materials, e-shop

The stores in Jinonice and Krč specialize not only in the sale of their own products, but we also offer them
and the products of our partners, with whom we have long-term cooperation.
If you are interested in products that you did not find in the offer, contact our customer service .
You can also order products through our 
e-shop .
Allegro Butovická store
dry construction

Rohan City - Administration Building A1

The A1 building impresses at first glance with its amazing appearance. Its form was designed by the world-renowned architect Eva Jiřičná. In the fall of 2023, we won the tender for interior construction - finishing work.

An integral part is the construction and security of the construction site, its maintenance and later liquidation, securing all permits for the import and removal of the Contractor's materials, cleaning the road, cleaning the workplace.

The main activity is the complete supply and assembly of masonry and SDK constructions, including surface treatments. Supplies of floor squeegees. Hole fillers – complete delivery and installation of inspection doors fitted into structures, complete delivery and installation of internal doors and delivery and installation of glass walls and doors. Locksmith products and other work and supplies necessary to complete the work.

At the RUBY conference, we received praise for RELIABILITY - an example of good practice on the ROHAN A1 project.

Prezentace Ruby Project Management, 24.01.2024

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