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revizní dvířka
Products - Inspection doors


under tiling, in plasterboard and masonry

Inspection doors represent an easy and inconspicuous solution of entering the inspection areas behind the plasterboard partition, masonry, concrete and cladding. We don't just make doors in standard dimensions, but we are able to produce based on customer requirements. We most often produce inspection doors under tiling according to the requirements due to the variety of tile sizes.

The inspection door maintains comfortable access to water meters and gas meters. The opening and closing of the door is ensured by automatic push hidden locks. The door can be built into plasterboard walls (single and double cladding) as well as into masonry partitions. They can be single-leaf or double-leaf. You will appreciate the doors in the bathrooms and toilets during the construction of new family houses, flats, during the reconstruction of apartment complexes and, last but not least, during the reconstruction of apartment cores in prefabricated houses.


Technical description
The door frame and door frames are welded from aluminum "L" profiles. The door panel is made of plasterboard screwed into the aluminum frame of the sash. The door leaf is placed in the door frame using two aluminum rivets. In the closed position, the sash is secured by a double-acting automatic push lock
 - the first press releases and the second press locks the door leaf.


Areas of application for inspection doors

  • Service access to sanitary installations  (toilets and bathrooms, hidden access to risers)

  • Covering access to gas meters, water meters, electricity meters and other equipment

  • Revision approach for air conditioning, air conditioning (replacement, filter cleaning)

  • Service entrances to ceilings and attics

Types of inspection doors: 

  • Inspection door for plasterboard 

  • Inspection door for masonry 

  • Invisible inspection door under tiles 

  • Fire inspection doors 

  • Ventilation inspection door 

revizní dvířka do zdiva

Inspection door for plasterboard

and masonry

Revizní dvířka kovové

Inspection door metal

Technical sheet
revizní dvířka do sádrokartonu

Inspection door for plasterboard

and masonry - damp areas

Revizní dvířka pod obklad

Inspection door under tiling  

- invisible

revizní dvířka

Inspection door made of expanded metal

Technical sheet
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