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Company  "ALLEGRO" s.r.o. has been operating on the Czech market since 1991 and in  field  internal  Building constructions s  is one of the largest companies in Czech republic.  During its existence, the company has completed over 2,000 buildings, mostly in Prague, Ostrava and Pilsen, but also in many other places. These are most often administrative and commercial centers, banks, shops and boutiques, warehouses, family and apartment buildings, hotels, theaters, multiplex cinemas, airports, metro, hospitals, swimming pools and sports halls.  

Constant innovation of building elements with  with a view to improving the technical characteristics of structures, in particular in  areas of statics, acoustics, fire resistance, etc., guarantees high prosperity of the company. New products are being introduced to the market on an ongoing basis (eg  interior doors and doorframes, or innovated  aluminum and steel ceilings, which also have exceptional acoustic properties achieved mainly by a new innovative way of perforation of ceilings). These innovative techniques are protected by a utility model. At the same time, the company has created its own specialized research and development workplace.

The company has owned ČSN EN for more than 10 years  ISO 9001, since 2009 ČSN  OHSAS 18001, since 2010 ČSN EN  ISO 14001 , Certificate of the Plasterboard Guild and a number of other certificates and utility models  carrying out various specialized activities. It is also worth mentioning 3rd place in  Rigips Trophy 2010 competition for the lecture hall of the Institute for Mother and Child Care in  Prague - Podolí.

Company  "ALLEGRO" s.r.o.  is a guarantee of top quality, modern design, large production capacity and flexibility, speed of delivery and attractive prices. We strive to meet the expectations of our customers and be a trustworthy partner in meeting their needs. We deserved various for our work  valuation  and media attention.

Metal false ceilings and cladding made of trapezoidal sheet metal


Company  "ALLEGRO" sro  occupies a significant market position in the field of supply  comprehensive services in construction, including the implementation of interiors, and is also a major manufacturer of metal elements. Creation of utility values in  in line with the strategy leading to  continuous development of the company is a priority of our activity.



Meet the expectations of our customers and be a trustworthy partner in meeting their needs. To be an innovative, key player in the market in  within the Czech Republic and Central Europe as a medium - sized company with  ambition to become a large company while maintaining the flexibility of a small company. The company 's vision is based on a solid foundation of products from  areas of metal systems and this basis will be further expanded.

Allegro-Prague construction company
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