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Entis kovový podhled


Metal slat ceiling soffit

Metal ceiling systems and tiles

Complete system of ceilings, including suspension system. These systems can be combined in various ways
and are used where great emphasis is placed on the fire safety of the building. The use achieves fast and aesthetic covering of ceiling structures.

Acoustic bond breakers

Acoustic bond breakers

They are used not only for the installation of plasterboard structures, but also for the installation of air distribution systems     and in other areas of construction activity.  They significantly reduce the transmission of noise to the surrounding structures.

metal doors and frames for garages

Metal doors, door frames and construction  cases

We produce metal doors with various functional door leaf fillings  (heat and sound insulating, fireproof and smokeproof).  Door frames are made of galvanized sheet metal. They are designed for retrofitting to all common types of building structures. 


Metal production - other

Quality custom metal production with technological equipment for sheet metal bending  made of galvanized aluminum or steel sheet.

Inspection door

Inspection door

The inspection door solves the aesthetic approach to technical spaces, such as waste and siphons in bathtubs, water meters, gas meters, risers
etc. We produce inspection doors for tiling, plasterboard and masonry.

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