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kovový obklad z trapézového plechu




For several years we have been participating in the organization of a walking journey from Prague to Orvieto. We invite you to another year held in honor of the Feast of Corpus Domini and the journey of the Prague priest Peter from Prague to Rome in 1263, which is associated with the proclamation of the feast.
In fifteen stages with a total length of 450 km, the Corpus Domini relay is embarking on a journey with the message of European reciprocity, and more and more passengers join it along the way.

AFI CITY, Prague

Production and assembly of expanded metal cassettes. Material expanded metal type RB /65, mesh 62x23 – 8x1.5 mm. This material was bent into the shape of cassettes, which were then mounted in the ceiling. AFI CITY gallery see:

AFI City

ELI Beamlines

Dolní Břežany Laser Center - in this project, in addition to various types of metal ceilings, we also implemented plasterboard ceilings and partitions, including the supply and installation of doors and frames for separating routes for clean and dirty operation. Description of other construction works that we carried out in  this project, you can find in reference sheet.



Completed order, for which we supplied metal ceilings PRIMA in  colored golden oak (wood decor). They were replaced for this contract  wooden metal ceilings
for reasons of compliance with high fire safety of the building.


An invitation
killing sprees

Dear business partners and friends,

in this winter season

We invite you to the "Killer Feast",

which will take place

13 and 14 March 2024 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

at the company's address,
Vídeňská 744/2, Prague 4.

We look forward to you!

pozvánka zabíjačkové hody

ČSOB headquarters, Radlická Prague

Production and installation of metal doors in two types of door frames. A total of 111 doors were installed throughout the building. We installed the doors in underground garages, server rooms, but also in the offices of the building administration and security services.



Completed project for a metal lamella acoustic ceiling LONGUS at Václav Havel Airport - terminal 1. To achieve the required acoustic properties  lamella  LONGUS are provided with perforations on the side and into the slats  mineral insulation inserted.



In the office building MAIN POINT in Prague's Pankrác you can meet  with our metal ceilings already in the entrance LOBBY. Further in the corridors at the elevator, where the slats form a hexagon. The connection of the slats then divides only the lighting
and thus creates a very interesting whole. The slats were made in the custom metallic color Dunkelgrau.

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