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Přerušovač akustické vazby
Products - Circuit breaker  acoustic couplings


Product  to improve the acoustic properties of systems in the field of interior construction

It has been shown that every noise acts as a pollutant because after a certain time it causes various disorders of higher nervous activity. Above all, it increases fatigue and slows down reactions. Noise and vibration are among the most common factors influencing building design. When designing buildings, architects, designers, and the entire implementation team face the difficult task of reducing noise and ensuring the most optimal environment in the workplace and residential areas.

Acoustic mounts help to reduce and limit noise
and vibrations into the surrounding structures, thereby improving the acoustics in
They are suitable for the installation and fixing of acoustic ceilings, walls, floors, and ventilation systems.


acoustic link breaker
Technical sheet
PAV for plasterboard
Acoustic link breaker
SALE - Acoustic couplers 
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