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Metal coffered ceiling

Stylish metal ceiling, which consists of square or rectangular metal cassettes.


  • All-metal construction, consists of square or rectangular metal cassettes

  • Surface treatment without perforation smooth, even with perforation

  • PES white, standard white RAL 9010, other shades on request. It can be made of stainless steel (AISI) or FeZn. 

  • CLIP-IN ceiling is manufactured in accordance with the ČSN EN 13964 standard

  • Measurement of sound absorption performed by the Center of Civil Engineering as, according to ČSN EN ISO 354 and ČSN EN ISO 11654,
    using sound absorbing
     acoustic insulation

  • Fire reaction class

- RAL surface treatment (PES) - A2-s1, d0

- surface finish decor cashmere - A2-s2, d0

- surface treatment UV-printing - A2-s2, d0

Areas of application

  • Into the interior

  • Easy installation

  • Quick covering of the space above the ceiling

  • Possibility of additional entry into the space

  • In kitchens, atriums, offices, restaurants, corridors, entrances and halls

  • Suitable for clean rooms with high hygienic requirements

  • To hospitals, clinics, laboratories


CLIP-IN - specifications

Bar width:
Cassette height:
Ceiling construction height:

Perimeter rail:  
Plastic plug:
Hinge types:

Anchoring of end elements:  


galvanized. steel 0.6 mm; stainless steel - 0.6 mm; aluminum - 0.6 mm
square or rectangle up to 625x1250 mm 
20 mm 
105 mm (without suspension structure)
smooth, perforated or atypical according to customer requirements
as required or in "L" shape
according to requirements, not supplied as standard
standard four-point CD vernier
loading of the ceiling with other devices is not allowed, 
the end elements must be solved separately
without acoustic insulation / with acoustic insulation 


ELI BEAMLINES, Dolní Břežany

Supply and installation of metal suspended ceilings: PRIMA, SEPA, CLIP-IN and heavy raster suspended ceiling. Suspended ceilings were supplied to offices and laboratories.

Šafránka gas station

The requirement was a clean, simple and fast (during operation) covering of the suspended ceiling. The metal CLIP-IN system was used to achieve a pleasant environment.


Full-surface suspended ceiling with a wood motif. A CLIP-IN suspended ceiling was chosen, which was complemented by a LINA suspended ceiling. The combination of these suspended ceilings created an interesting interior design.

Documents to download

Construction details
Catalog sheet
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