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podhled DIRECTA


Metal slatted ceiling with moldings

Stylish metal ceiling, which allows you to create a ceiling in various design-interesting variants.
The unusual appearance of the ceiling is given by the central recesses of the moldings.


  • All-metal construction

  • Surface treatment without perforation smooth, color PES white, standard white RAL 9010, other shades on request. 

  • The DIRECTA ceiling is manufactured in accordance with the ČSN EN 13964 standard

  • Measurement of sound absorption performed by the Center of Civil Engineering as, according to ČSN EN ISO 354 and ČSN EN ISO 11654,
    using sound-absorbing acoustic insulation

  • DIRECTA slats are made of pre-painted sheet metal of reaction to fire class A2-s1, d0

Areas of application

  • To the interior as a design element

  • Suitable for ceilings and wall cladding

  • Quick aesthetic covering of the space above the ceiling

  • Quick aesthetic covering of air conditioning

  • To the atriums, offices, hotels, restaurants, corridors, entrances and halls


DIRECTA - specifications


Bar width:
Bar height:
Bar length:
Perimeter rail:
Plastic plug:
Hinge types:

Anchoring of end elements:  



galvanized. steel - 0.4 and 0.5 mm, stainless steel. steel - 0.5 mm                             support rail - galvanized. steel 0.6 mm
33.2 mm
40 mm
standard 4000 mm, according to the customer's wishes 600–7000 mm
according to requirements, not supplied as standard
according to requirements, not supplied as standard
standard: wire with hook + double spring + wire with eye,
or threaded rods with a minimum diameter of 6 mm, or vernier
loading of the ceiling with other devices is not allowed,
the end elements must be hung separately
without acoustic insulation / with acoustic insulation


TELEHOUSE – administrative center

Production and installation of slatted ceiling DIRECTA. According to the architect's design, the different height levels of the soffit were solved with oblique triangular transitions from DIRECTA slats.

Business center DBK Budějovická

Production and supply of metal grid cassettes and metal slatted ceiling DIRECTA. Color design of cassettes and slats white - ALLEGRO WHITE.


Delivery and installation of DIRECTA slatted ceiling in several color versions: according to RAL, polished stainless steel, whitewashed oak and teak.

Documents to download

Technical sheet
Construction details
Catalog sheet
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