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MŘÍŽKOVÝ kazetový podhled

GRID coffered ceiling

Metal grid ceiling

Metal grid cassettes, original, light and high-quality solutions. They allow quick covering of the space above the ceiling. Grid cassettes and support elements are part of a simple and aesthetic design.


  • All-metal construction

  • Finish smooth, color PES white,
    other shades on request

  • Ceiling is manufactured in accordance with the ČSN EN 13964 standard

  • Fire reaction class

- RAL surface treatment (PES) - A2-s1, d0

Areas of application

  • Into the interior as an aesthetic element

  • Quick aesthetic covering of the space above the ceiling

  • Quick aesthetic covering of air conditioning

  • To the atriums, restaurants, corridors, entrances and halls


GRID cassette ceiling - specifications

Al 0.5 mm thick or 0.6 mm   


according to requirements, not supplied as standard 
standard: wire with hook + double spring + wire with eye,
or threaded rods with a minimum diameter of 6 mm, or vernier
loading of the ceiling with other devices is not allowed,
the end elements must be hung separately
without acoustic insulation

Material:                  Cartridge size:       
Bar height:
Bar length:
Perimeter rail:
Hinge types:

Anchoring of end elements:  



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