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lamelové podhledy


Metal slatted ceiling with a prismatic shape

The modern metal ceiling with a prismatic shape of the slats gives the ceiling a dynamic look. With its simplicity, it allows you to create various variations and in combination with lighting creates a timeless design.


  • All-metal construction

  • Surface treatment without perforation smooth, color PES standard white RAL 9010, other shades on request. 

  • The PRIMA ceiling is manufactured in accordance with the
    ČSN EN 13964 standard

  • PRIMA slats are made of pre-painted sheet metal of reaction
    to fire class A2-s1, d0

Areas of application

  • Into the interior as a design first

  • Suitable for ceilings and wall cladding

  • Quick aesthetic covering of the space above the ceiling

  • Quick aesthetic covering of air conditioning

  • To the atriums, offices, hotels, restaurants, corridors, entrances and halls

  • Allows only one layer of SHZ, EPS and EZS coverage,
    above the ceiling

metal ceiling PRIMA

PRIMA - specifications


Bar width:
Bar height:
Bar length:

Gap between the slats
Perimeter rail:    
Plastic plug:
Hinge types:

Anchoring of end elements:  


galvanized. steel - 0.4 and 0.5 mm, stainless steel. steel - 0.5 mm                    support rail - galvanized. steel 0.6 mm
33.2 mm
32.5 mm
standard 4000 mm, according to the customer's wishes 600–7000 mm

min. 20 mm, then a multiple 
according to requirements, not supplied as standard
according to requirements, not supplied as standard
standard: wire with hook + double spring + wire with eye,
or threaded rods with a minimum diameter of 6 mm, or vernier
loading of the ceiling with other devices is not allowed,
the end elements must be hung separately
without acoustic insulation / with acoustic insulation


Production and supply of PRIMA slatted ceiling. Included in the delivery were OMEGA beams made of pre-painted galvanized sheet metal with a black PES finish.

Center JAVOR, Nový Jičín

Supply and installation of metal slatted ceiling PRIMA. An interesting feature is the multi-level soffit paneling with a vertical end. The reason was the different height of the soffits.


The PRIMA suspended ceiling was manufactured and delivered to the areas of all lobbies in front of the elevators – north, west, east towers, to the lobby and corridors 1–3. PP and to the entrance hall on the 1st floor. Total area of suspended ceilings 1107 m2.


Documents to download

Technical sheet
Construction details
Catalog sheet
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