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podhled LONGUS


Metal lamella ceiling

Simple design all-metal construction suitable  into rooms with a requirement for acoustic comfort


  • All-metal construction

  • Surface treatment without perforation smooth or with perforation

  • PES white, standard white RAL 9010, other shades on request. Laminated PVC foil NATURE OAK, other types on request.

  • The LONGUS ceiling is manufactured in accordance with the ČSN EN 13964 standard

  • Measurement of sound absorption performed by the Center
    of Civil Engineering as, according to ČSN EN ISO 354 and ČSN EN ISO 11654, using sound-absorbing acoustic insulation

  • Fire reaction class

- RAL surface treatment (PES) - A2-s1, d0

- surface finish decor cashmere - A2-s2, d0

- surface treatment UV-printing - A2-s2, d0

Areas of application

  • Into the interior

  • Public buildings (eg airports, train stations)

  • Industrial buildings, halls

  • Conference rooms, auditoriums

  • Quick covering of the space above the ceiling

  • Suitable for spaces with a requirement for acoustic 


LONGUS-baffle - specifications



Slat width:
Slat height:
Slat length:
Perimeter rail:
Plastic plug:
Hinge types:
Anchoring of end elements:



cassette LONGUS - galvanized. steel 0.6 mm; stainless steel - 0.6 mm
beam LONGUS - galvanized. steel 2 mm
30 mm
standard 200 mm, can be reduced to 100 mm as required
maximum size 3000 mm, otherwise according to the customer's wishes
smooth without perfoace, perforated surface according to the catalog
according to requirements, not supplied as standard
according to requirements, not supplied as standard
loading of the ceiling with other devices is not allowed,
  end elements must    

be resolved separately
without acoustic insulation / with acoustic insulation


GAP - branded clothing stores

Production of LONGUS baffle metal ceiling slats for GAP branded clothing stores in Prague and Ostrava.

Vlněna Office Park Building, Brno

Delivery and installation of LONGUS baffle ceiling for corridors and offices in the 6th to 9th floors. The slats are manufactured to exact lengths, without the need for further modifications on site. A total of 1,757 slats were produced in various lengths.

JAVOR shopping center, Brno

Production and delivery of the suspended ceiling LONGUS baffle for the passage on the 1st floor. LONGUS slats made of pre-painted sheet metal according to the RAL sample. A total of three maple leaf shapes were formed from the slats.

Documents to download

Construction details
Catalog sheet
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